Advisory Board

The Advisory Board / Commonwealth Council isn’t in place yet, but some of the people we’ve invited or intend to invite include:

Alex Lawrie – Somerset Co-operative Services

Michel Bauwens – P2P Foundation

Gary Alexander – Transition Network

Sion Wheelens – Calverts / Principle 6

Dave Boyle – Principle 6

Jonny Zander – Kaizen

Shane Hughes – REconomy

Anne Strachan – Crowdfundinguk

Pat Conaty – nef/ CoopsUK

Bob Paterson – Resonance / Salford Uni Community Finance Solutions

Annemarie Naylor – Common Futures

Tess Riley – Streetbank

Stuart Field – Radical Routes

Martin Large – Stroud Commonwealth

Someone from Local United

Someone from UK Cohousing Network

Someone from Community Land Trusts Network

Someone from Plunkett Foundation

John Restakis –

Michael Lewis – community renewal

Elizabeth Cox – nef

Gar Alperovitz – Democracy Collaborative

Ted Howard – Democracy Collaborative

Jonathan Dawson – Schumacher College

Lorraine Hart – Community Land Use

Andrea Westall – Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development

Rory Ridley-Duff – Sheffield Hallam University Business School