Get Involved

Soon you will find here a bunch of links to inspirational projects you can contribute your time, money or assets to, or share with.

For starters, here are some ideas for good places to invest your money:

Open Source Ecology
Ecological Land Cooperative – £500
Radical Routes ethical investment Rootstock fund.
GO! – £500 – Co-operative rail services
Energy Prospects – £500 – Community Wind Farms
Good Fuel Co-op £500 or £50/month – Biofuel Co-op
Lightweight Community Transport £500
H2ope – £250 – community hydro projects
Fordhall Community Farm
Lammas Ecovillage
Ekopia Resource Exchange – £50 membership and £500
Community Capital – £250 or multiples thereof
West Oxford Community Renewables £10, £250 or £1000
Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm £100
Shared Interest – £100
Akvo – fund water and sanitation projects
MyFootballClub – £50
The Fair Traders Cooperative – £50
Wye Community Farm – £50 plus become friend for £20/year?
Moelyci Environmental Centre £25 or more
Unity Wind – £1 or up
Biodynamic Land Trust – donations of £10/month or £120/year
Wessex Community Assets
Brixton Village

The Cochabamba Co-op/
Dunbar Community Bakery
Real Food Exeter
Settle Hydro
Green Valley Grocer
Sustainable Hockerton
Just Homes
Aston Reinvestment Trrust
Black Country Reinvestment Society
Bro Dyfi Community Renewables
Citylife’s Charitable Bonds
London Rebuilding Society
headingley Development Trust
HF Holidays
Natural Food Store
Oxford Cycle Workshop Training
Radley Village Shop
Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm
The Phone Co-op
Torrs Hydro
Ashfield Community Enterprise
Community Harvest Whetstone
Community Power Cornwall
Knucklas Castle Community Land Project
Football Club United of Manchester
Levington Inspire
Riverside Market Garden
Sheffield Renewables
The Solar Co-op
The Arc Project
Totnes Renewable Energy Society
Whitley Bay Development Trust
Woodhouse Community Farm
Ecotricity EcoBonds
FILM: ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement
Brighton Energy Co-operative