Peace Not War @ Cargo, Sept 11th 2005


A new collective of musicians, activists and techies has formed.

45 people attended the inaugural meeting of the Peace Not War Collective, held on July 30th at St George’s Circle Community Centre, London. Many Londoners are concerned that the July 7 bombings will be used as an excuse to invade another oil-rich country, and are building a peaceful resistance to Blair’s propaganda. Inspired by the G8 Dissent in Scotland, Peace Not War is developing an organisational structure which enables creativity and autonomy, while remaining productive and effective.

The next event being planned will be Peace Not War’s 3rd Birthday Party on Sunday September 11 (5-12pm) at Cargo Club in Shoreditch (check out the flyer below). In the current atmosphere of fear, division and Islamaphobia, Peace Not War aims to unite Londoners on the dancefloor. UK hiphop is a cross-cultural force that represents the oppressed and calls for peace, justice and solidarity. With acts as diverse as Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem, Mecca2Medina and MC Angel, the night will celebrate the coming-of-age of this international project. For info about the gig, email

Musicians and visual artists are creating new forms of inspiration for the peace movement, with more CD releases, a DVD of short films, lots of gigs, and a communal recording studio already in production. The first release will be Peace Not War Japan, entirely made up of Japanese and Japan-based bands, which is in the works and should be out before Christmas. It’s being produced by the Tokyo collective – the first satellite to develop outside London. Meanwhile an unprecedented gathering of web-programmers are combining their skills in Flash, SQL, WIKI, RSS, e-commerce and HTML to develop this website into a massive resource for the new global peace movement.

You can read minutes of the meeting on the WIKI, and contribute your ideas on the discussion forum. If you are interested in joining the London collective, setting up a satellite project in another city, or want any more information, email or
phone +44 7816 494 705.