Creative Regeneration @ The Synergy Centre

Hello everyone,

The next Creative Regeneration networking meeting and Open Space event will be on Saturday Septemer 17th @ The Synergy Centre.

Creative Regeneration
Networking meeting and Open Space
Saturday September 17th, 2005
11am – 5pm @ The Synergy Centre

220 Farmers Road, London SE5 0TW


Outline of the day:

Breakfast drinks and registration

    *Hand-in/fill-in questionnaires if not already done so

Opening circle, Session Creation and Sign-up

    *Quick 30 second introductions – who are you, why are you here today?

    *Introduction to why The Open Co-op is organising these events and an explanation of how Open Space works (the way we’re organising the day)

    *Open Space Session Creation and Sign-up – anyone who wants to propose a session on a particular project or discussion topic can do so, and people go to whichever ones they like. Similar sessions are sometimes merged or extended according interest, time and space (in this case, during each of the 3 time slots, there will be upto 6 sessions of 45 minutes each, all running at the same. The whole process is prettyfun, thanks to the law of 2 feet, which states simply: *if at any point you find yourself neither learning nor contributing, use your two 2 feet and go somewhere else!*

1st Sessions start

Break/transit to next session

2nd Sessions start

Break/transit to next session

3rd Sessions start

Break/transit to convergence


    *Sharing Sessions

    *Closing Circle

End, Social…then on to a street party at Sanford Housing Co-op 🙂

Look forward to seeing you all then,

Please invite people who should be there.

Warm regards,


Josef Davies-Coates
Together We Have Everything

07800 849 287