uniteddiversity update

Yesterday I went to UnLtd to find out about their Level 2 funding process. I had previously attended a Level 1 surgery, but found that fairly useless. This was different…

I met lots of interesting people and though the competition is tough, it seems quite likely that I will be able to get grant of upto £20,000 to develop uniteddiversity.

One good contact I made was with Ben Metz who works for the London Community Recycling Network. From what he said, it sounds like he is working on a similar project to Open Food Co-ops

The Hub

After the UnLtd seminar I head up to The Hub where I met Tav and Tom. Co-incidently, Oli was also there with his Solar Century hat on.

We had a good chat about bits and bobs to do with the various projects we’re involved with and after Oli and Tom left, Tav and I went for an eat-all-you-like Thai veg buffet. Tav and I spoke for hours about past, present and future plans. We had fun discussing how we could finance a world tour of symbiotic engineers.

Our two main ideas were:

    1) get people to pay consultancy-like day rates to accompany the leading change makers (me, tav, tom, oli, mark, jonathan etc.) on a tour to create a radically better world.
    2) write a brief intro to all the people intending to join the tour, and a clear outline of all the great things we could do together along the way, then use pledgebank, fundable, dropcash, ebay, etc. to get lots of people to donate

We both agreed that doing a pilot trip to Spain next April would be a good first step…