Belief is circumstantial…

A poem by Poet-Treeman I heard at Sunday Sounds 6 a couple of weeks ago. Made me think of Gloria and Dave because of her concept of “real love” and his “I don’t believe in belief” idea.

Poet-Treeman and new baby
Poet-Treeman and new baby.

(emphasis included in version Poet-Treeman sent me)
Belief is circumstantial…

“…Truths are illusions, worn out coins that have had their obverse effaced and are no longer of account as coins, but merely as of metal…”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Taught from birth the worth
Of this
Of that
Taught fact from fiction in description
The unspoken wisdom of generations
Our mental environment widens and deepens
To a degree
Then it all starts to be a bit hazy
Like the gloom of a lazy afternoon
Whether to try to be night or day
In twilight contrast lessens
As more information is gained of this or that or there’s more
New doors of understanding opening
Demanding answers:

Like this:
God exists
The tooth fairy does not exist
There is no god only science
Life is easier if you are compliant
The world evolved
We were created
We are liberated, free
We live in a ‘big brother’ state
A community of barely disguised hate
We try too late
To save the planet
There is still hope, Damnit (Janet)
We’re given just enough rope
By Illuminati puppet-masters
To hang ourselves
It’ll all end in disaster
Another big bang
, well…
(…I’d prefer if it didn’t quite just yet though, mind…)
Resistance is unnecessary
It is necessary to be revolutionary
It’s scary how much the information varies
So many contradictions
We uncover fictions buried deep
As we sleep we dream of mysteries
Join the dots that link our histories
Nothing actually exists
We all exist eternally
Death is the end or we return to be
Restart the cycle in another form
And what the fuck exactly is ‘the norm’?
I could say more
But these are just examples
‘Free samples’ …

How to describe all these thoughts with what I’ve been taught
With only the tools I’ve been given
How to make any choices in the way we are living
To see past our human misgivings
And believe something completely

Belief is circumstantial

Truths wear thin like skin ages
As more pages are turned new lessons learned

Love is the only…

Belief is wholly totally reshaped daily
By love’s unstoppable flow
When everything known previously recedes
The world bleeds from cuts received
From disbelief in this only truth
For all else fails
All else contradicts itself and pales
In the light of the moment now
Here is how…

Belief is circumstantial

The firmament beneath these feet
The complete is change
In everything else prepare to rearrange
But love
Love continues through
Through me through you
A line drawn from the past
So fast our speed is un-gaugeable
No tangible point in the past is visible
To measure our position
The Human condition
Is to balance the opposition
Of love versus pain
All else fades and wanes into grey
Like the moonlit gloom just past the window of this room
I write these words now
To allow some definitive marker
To drive into ground these flags I’ve found
To display
The way in which I’ve come to believe
The words received from the self
Dragged to the surface like thrashing fishes
Each concept exacts vicious scratches
Scars to remember by

Belief is circumstantial
Evidence that demands a verdict
Too many incidents insistent on a verdict
But like asking a child to decide
Upon one sweet in the sweetshop
We’re living on trial, universally
The whole thing don’t stop
Just because we don’t understand
Life demands a choice
There is a quite voice beneath
All these shouted, gut-wrenching
Ideas above our stations
Conversations with the universe
From the first to the last
Only one opinion to me holds fast
Sticks around
The ground beneath these weary feet
The complete is change

Belief is circumstantial
However vague a point
To me It’s substantial enough
Love is the only…
Hold these four words dear
Fear sets no precedent here
Let hope be resident here
In this moment
As we are gathered together
Let us stand and be counted forever

Love is the only…