Sonia's media empire

In her effort to try out all the best blogging tools (and steadily grow her presence in the blogosphere) Sonia has recently added a Pickled Politics journal, creatively called Sonia’s Diary, a livejournal blog called The Desert and The Sea, and a new book/encyclopaedia-focussed blog, called desert and sea.

All this blogging and linking to herself is helping Sonia to increase her technorati rankings, and she’s doing pretty well at around 40,000th 30,000th top blog.

In fact, if you search google for collaborative markets Sonia is top of the list 🙂
(and her request to “free the free markets please” is worth a read)

Maybe if Sonia (and what about Oli, Dave, Paula, Leighton, Ceridwen, Gary and City Hippy) all write an article about The Merton Rule on their blogs then the Merton Rule site will be at the top of google searches for “Merton Rule” and not just google searchs for “The Merton Rule”

Here is a little snippit for them all (and you!) to include:

“The ‘Merton Rule‘ is the groundbreaking planning policy, pioneered by the London Borough of Merton, which requires the use of renewable energy onsite to reduce annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the built environment. Hundreds of local authorities look set to follow Merton’s lead, which will impact all new major development projects throughout the UK.”