Support THE SQUARE this FRIDAY 9AM or earlier

Hello everyone,

Please go to:

THE SQUARE Occupied Social Centre, 21 Russell Square, London WC1B 5EA (North west Side of Russell Square) Map:


(but do still come later if you really can’t make it by then)

THE SQAURE Occupied Social Centre is due to be evicted on Friday morning. They have asked anyone who has used or supports the space to gather outside to resist the evition BEFORE 9AM on FRIDAY MORNING.

Having access to a central space and resource like THE SQAURE has been of immense value to a very large number of groups working for positive social change. Please help them by turning up on Friday morning and/or forwarding this message on.

Their call out and eviction update follow…
I’ve also pasted this message here:

THE SQUARE Occupied Social Centre // 21 Russell Square // London WC1H
(North west Side of Russell Square)
For info:

[9am Friday June 23rd outside 21 – 22 Russell Square, London WC1]

The Square Social Centre is due to be evicted next Friday 23rd June. We
have decided to put out a call to resist the eviction. We are hoping that as many groups and individuals as possible who have used the Square for events, meetings, campaigns, film showings, benefits etc will show their support.

We are calling for people to assemble outside THE SQUARE at 9am (or
earliar!) on Friday 23rd June. There will also be a meeting this monday
at 7pm to plan and organise how we will resist.


To celebrate our achievements and time at THE SQUARE, We are planning a
weekend festival of events from Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th June. The
FESTIVAL OF RESISTANcE will be a showcase of the many social struggles &
political campaigns in London that have participated in and been supported by The Square. There will be an open mic for experiences and analysis aswell as dozens of live bands, DJ’s, food, drinks, discussions and cinema.


We want as many people as possible to arrive at 9am (or earliar!) and
assemble outside 21 & 22 Russell Square. Bring your friends, banners,

If you or your group or band have participated, used, supported THE SQUARE over the last months then please email us to have your group name added to the list of supporters.

If you are an academic or involved in a student society or study at university please email us so we can add your name (with your department/uni) to the list of supporters from the university.

If you would like to get involved, or your group would like to support the Festival of Resistance, please come along on 7pm Monday 19th June meeting or email:

We have also produced a number of flyers and posters and would welcome any help in giving them out/putting them up around the uni. There are some down at THE SQUARE and it can also be downloaded from Indymedia:


THE SQUARE has been an attempt to construct a radical common space, where ideas and alternatives to the present rule of commercial interests and authoritarianism can be developed. Over the past 6 months we have created a network consisting of many who feel and share the need for social change. We hoped that during our time at THE SQUARE we have made this more possible and have laid the ground for new initiatives of
self-organisation, co-operation and commuincation. For some of us THE
SQUARE has been a step forward from previous social centres (Grand Banks – Tufnel Park, Institute For Autonomy – Gower Street), the relationships
formed have been solidified and consolidated, we have made connections
with many groups and people we thought we never could, we have become
constituent network, a diverse community within a common space. Lets make this weekend a springboard for future activity.


– e-mail: (for support emails and general enquiries) –
Eviction Update: the square social centre (Monday june 19th meeting)

– over the next 3 days people are encouraged to come down to the square to help out preparing for the resistance weekend. There are many things that need doing & many people needed for doing them.

– help with securing the building against eviction
Barricades group will meet tonight (Tuesday 20th) at 7pm (before the David Rovics gig) to decide how secure the building needs to be, collect materials & begin ensuring all vulnerable areas reinforced against entry. People with building skills not essential all hands welcome. This group will meet each evening at 7pm at the square.

– Banner making group will meet 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday 21st) to paint the banners, make flags etc. Again everyone is encouraged to participate.

– building group. To build the stage in the garden as well as erect the
marquee & build barbeque.

– we need people to flypost the area & hand out flyers around the university for the eviction. There are hundreds of flyers & posters at the square (along with buckets & paste).This needs to be done everyday up to the weekend.

– people are needed for the food group (to cook over the weekend), please put you name down if you are willing to help out.

Thursday 22nd june, will be the last pre-eviction meeting, 7pm the square. This will be in the form of a final preparation for the next morning, as well as for the weekend event.

Resistance weekend:
– The will be a general assembly over the weekend to discuss & formulate
an ‘exit strategy’ from the building (including timetable), also how the
building will operate until then. It is important people attend if they
wish to have a say in how the building is maintained.

– anyone wishing to hold a workshop and/or initiate a discussion over theeviction weekend please email the square. Equally if you want bands to perform, help with the film showings, cook food & general be involved let us know.

– we are putting together a booklet about people & their groups
experiences of the square over the past months. We would like as many
people as possible to contribute so we are asking you for thoughts on the place (no more than 50/100 words), send it to the square email address asap.

THE SQUARE Occupied Social Centre // 21 Russell Square // London WC1H
(North west Side of Russell Square)
For info: