'Voices of Latin America': The Left in Mexico and the Other Campaign.

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From: Danniela Uribe
Sent: 22 June 2006 18:58
To: Daniel Lewenstein
Subject: Voices of Latin America

Dear all,

We have now organised the third in the series of Latin
American seminars under the ‘Voices of Latin America’

The title is: The Left in Mexico and the Other

Date: Monday 3rd of July at 7PM.

Venue: IRMO offices, 493 Cambridge Heath Road,
London E2 9BU.

The main speakers will be: Camilo Salazar and Fernando

This will be a very interesting talk for anyone who
wants to know about the left in Mexico and which are
the alternatives after the elections. The elections
will occur on the 2nd of July and there are some hopes
from the left if the PRD wins. However, does the PRD
represents the left and if it does, which left
represents? Is the other campaign from the Zapatistas
another alternative, another left? Which are the
proposals of the other campaign?

Please spread the word!!

(We’ll send a flyer soon)