Indymedia Film Festival 7th – 15th July

Via Indymedia London

Not been invited to the G8 this year?

Never mind, indymedia’s hosting an eight day film festival in London venues with no obligation to buy a gallon of Coke or a bucket of popcorn.

Please note the revised listing that now substitutes Sat 8’th for previous Thurs 6th.


Each day follows a theme ranging from debt to climate change to terrorism, kicking off on Friday 7th – the first anniversary of the London bombings – special screening with “The Power of Nightmares”, “Arabs and Terrorism” and “America, America”. Saturday 8th with Camcorder Guerillas “Why Close The G8?”, Pilton’s, “Won’t Be Fooled Again” and on also at Ramparts Social Centre.

Monday sees the festival moving west to Ladbroke Grove’s Inn on the Green for a couple of days, dealing with issues of The Media and, on Tuesday, International Financial Institutions.

On Wednesday 12th the festival’s back in the East End at Ramparts to consider “What’s happening in Russia’s unseen empire?”, Debt (thursday) and Peak Oil and Climate Change (Friday) The festival wraps on Saturday 15th on the topical issue of ‘Our brave New-Clear Future”