Good Films

I just made the following comment in City Hippy‘s article about good films:

I think The Take and The Revolution Will Not Be Televised are the best and most important films I’ve seen in a while.

Both HIGHLY recommended.

I also saw We… Unauthorised Arundhati Roy Documentary a few days ago. Great stuff.

I thought I could’ve been done a lot better, but The End of Suburbia should defo be on this list too, as one of the main movies so far to focus on Peak Oil.

The film I can’t wait for is Undercurrents’ Living in the Future – a DVD of self builders and ecovillagers.

You can sign this pledge, or this one to help support the films production. Please do!

Also, I don’t think it is out yet, but another important film will be Franny Armstrong’s (of McLibel etc.) forthcoming film Crude (see bottom of article).

Oh, and I just remembered, I saw Michael Franti’s film I Know I Am Not Alone at Sunday Sounds the other night. Very inspiring.