Commons Creation meeting

The first Commons Creation meeting took place on Sunday 21st January:

So far I’ve got some great groups signed up to the collective:

Peace Not War:
The Synergy Project:
Movimientos: (site down!) they bring together all the Latin America solidarity groups and do regular monthly events with film and music.

This is just the beginning, but together these groups already regularly connect with 1000s of people. And they have all agreed to promote the Commons Creation project on all their flyers, mailouts and websites, and to offer special offers to members to the collective.

All these people collaborating to pools funds to buy land and build share infrastructure (The Fund) and working together as a marketing and media collective (The Flyer) is going to be a very powerful and exciting project (to learn more read through the background information ). Together We Have Everything

UPDATE: A copy of the presentation given can be downloaded here as a PDF (1.1Mb), PPT (2.4Mb) (PowerPoint), or ODP (2.3Mb) ( Impress) file. Enjoy! 🙂

If you’re already sold on the idea and up for committing £5 a month from February onwards, please set up a standing order and join the list.
Commons Creation list:

Bank Account details:
name: uniteddiversity LLP
sort code: 09-06-66
account: 40375992:

If you still need convincing, check out the presentation or comment with your proposals!

Commons Creation: PDF (1.1Mb), PPT (2.4Mb) (PowerPoint), or ODP (2.3Mb) ( Impress) file. Enjoy! 🙂