Very Exciting News

Yesterday I had the most amazing and inspiring phone call ever.

A man called Ray called me from Cornwall, 2km from where Oli was already but totally randomly literally on his way to (thanks to Katharine), and basically said that he wants to entrust his land to a community very much like the commons creation collective – i.e. one with shared values (create a whole new economic system based on new land ownership and monetary systems etc.) he can grow to trust and love.

He’s got an 1.5 acre and is about to buy another acre. He wants to build sustainable housing and stuff. His partner runs a theatre company and they are both really into open space technology (self-organised meeting/conferences) and new forms of organisation.

I’ve just had another long conversation with him (we spoke for 2 hours before, and about another hour or so just now) and its seems that we may well try to have a what I call a “Building Man” festival on the land this summer (open space, build, celebrate)

Oli is going to make contact and hopefully go visit the land. It sounds very beautiful, near the sea and relatively high up with sea views and access to a lake (that they share with the quarry on the other side).

They’ve already got a load of waste materials from the quarry, enough to build a few cob/straw type structures.

Looks very like we could be off to a flying start!

To the Commons!