My bookmarks for August 28th through August 29th

These are my links for August 28th through August 29th:

  • The OpenFriend Project – Something like this is needed. “OpenFriend is a set of standards that allows Social Networks to discover any of your friends already on their networks while still protecting your privacy. The ultimate goal is to standardize and make transparent the user e
  • Corporate open innovation â�� if itâ��s so good why isnâ��t everyone doing it? – Articles – NESTA – Despite being very familiar with the whole concept, I’ve not come across the term “Corporate open innovation” (COI)before. Everyone should be doing it though! 🙂
  • IRC Log for #esp on 2007/07/24 – A brainstorm from a while back about Social Networking for Social Change sites
  • WordPress Plugin Database – This aggregator plugin for wordpress could come in useful.
  • SEO Title Tag: A WordPress Plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Pretty much what it says on the tin, a potentially useful wordpress plugin for search engine optimization.
  • Facebook | Razoo Speed Granting | Leaderboard – Check out this Razoo Facebook app and sumbit grant proposals when a suitable theme comes up.
  • Razoo is the platform for social good. – Yet another Social Networking for Social Change website. Good to see more and more of these emerging. Be interesting to see what ones become leaders in the field. Anyway, “Razoo is a place for people who want to create positive change in the world. A comm
  • Collective intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – The title says it all. The wikipedia entry on Collective Intelligence. United Diversity can help your organisation to use technologies of cooperation that help harness the power of Collective Intelligence.
  • – Peace, Love and Revolution from Rob the Rub’s new site.
  • inkdroid – A blog from one of the guys who hangs in in Swhack on irc. Got a nice post about Linking Open Data and DBpedia.
  • LinkingOpenData – ESW Wiki – A project to link together all the open data out there (a bit like freebase, but using free software like DBpedia)
  • ScannerCentral – The UK Site for Scanners – I think I’m a scanner, so may well pop along to this…
  • vosnap :: coming soon – VoSnap is a social quick voting tool that reduces group think and time wasted on decision-making by giving you the ability to receive a quick vote from a group of friends on any decision. Users can create a poll, send it to their friends to quickly vote o
  • Startup Weekend – This is a cool idea (a bit like tav’s whole 24 weeks thing but seemingly less focussed on social change and better executed). Could the same thing work for kicking off new social change projects in an area?