Drupal for web2.0 / briefing 25th October - workshops 1st and 7th November

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/Drupal for web2.0: how to move fast with this new Open Source toolkit/

The ‘Open for Business’ programme continues *this Thursday* 25th October
with the Drupal for Web2.0 briefing: come get an overview and jumpstart
into using this emerging social software swiss army knife!
– more info/rsvp: https://nm-x.com/event/2007/10/drupal-web2-0-briefing

__Drupal for web2.0__

Drupal is a fast, flexible toolkit for building web2.0 sites without
having to rebuild any wheels. Part content management, part programmable
multi-tool, it is emerging as the do-it-all open source content
management system of choice for bloggers, charities, companies, NGOs and
large corporations alike.

These two workshops on Wednesday 1st Nov and Thursday 7th Nov. will give
you a chance to get some hands-on experience working on your own
project, with the expert assistance of the UK’s leading Drupal
developer, Peter Brownell of Drupal UK

– a two evening hands-on workshop, on your own project:__
– Thursday 1st and Wednesday 7th November, 18:30 – 21:30
– Location: The Young Foundation, 18 Victoria Park Sq., London, E2 9PF
– Price: Free!
– Bookings: https://nm-x.com/event/2007/11/drupal-web2-0-workshops

__About Open for Business__

‘Open for Business’ is a programme of free workshops and briefings to
help creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists explore the
tremendous potential of Open Source software and related strategies.

The programme is brought to you by London Westside, funded by the London
Development Agency and produced by https://nm-x.com and The People Speak

more info: https://nm-x.com/project/open-business