Links for February 1st to February 4th

These are my links for February 1st to February 4th:

  • Comprehensive Cooperative Township – P2P Foundation – Suehiko Ono is attempting to create a legal model for a massive member-driven leaderless organization, in which ownership does not equal control: one person, one vote. The draft of his operating agreement is being developed in partnership with Winston & S
  • DorfWiki: FranzNahrada/SpeechChioggia – Can the City Return to the Village? Some Hypotheses About the Metamorphosis of the Suburban and the Construction of Global Villages
  • The Money Fix – Have you ever thought your community could be more prosperous if it only had more money?
  • Can Britain Feed Itself? » Transition Culture – Clearly, in the context of energy descent, this is a question we should all be asking, yet amazingly no one has really asked it in any depth since Kenneth Mellanby?s book ?Can Britain Feed Itself? published in 1975. In the most recent issue of the e
  • Cornell Chronicle: Diets and NY’s ag footprint – A low-fat vegetarian diet is very efficient in terms of how much land is needed to support it. But adding some dairy products and a limited amount of meat may actually increase this efficiency, Cornell researchers suggest. See also https://transitioncultur
  • Network 2012::Welcome – Yet another (pretty crap looking) Social Networking site: “Network2012 is a new social enterprise and our website is still under construction. We intend however to be a paid membership site with our profits going towards providing bursaries for other star