P2P Foundation Ning

UPDATE: Save the P2P Foundation Ning!

A week or so ago I created the P2P Foundation Ning

Here is Michel’s post about it, and this is how it happened…

  1. As I browsed the archives of the Strategic P2P list I came across this old thread (from mid-Dec 07) where Michel asked “would it make sense to have a ning-based p2p network”?
  2. As I explain at the end of that thread, I thought Why Not?

    Hi Michel,

    I think we chose ning because it is simple, free and featureful and
    therefore we’ve got nothing to loose.

    Ideally it would be open source too (its not, although they do let you
    download your source if you want).

    I think the biggest reason is: why not?

    After all, I’ve already learnt lots more about some of the faces and people
    behind the e-mail addressses on these lists, and if we’re all going to work
    together to build a p2p world (which we are) then we need to know who each
    other are and start building trusting relationships 🙂

    I sent an invite to our https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/open list too where
    lots of like minded people are.



Anyway, the network seems to be coming along pretty well.

Within 24 hours he had over 20 members and we’ve not got 63! 🙂

Some of the existing members include (in no particular order)

As you can imagine with such an amazing group of people, there has already been plenty of interesting discussion (more than I can keep up with!) on the forum