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After our last Open Coin meeting George Walker took us into his office to continue chatting.

He is a fascinating chap, check out his CV (.pdf).

In the first OpenCoin meeting he said (in a strong Scottish accent):

“I think there is going to be a global currency. I call it the Global. This will either be a top-down currency from the IMF and World Bank, like existing SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), or a bottom-up, grassroots initiative, like what you are doing, which is much more exciting”

He went on to say:

“either you guys are going to be billionaires, or its fines and jail”.


“I can defend you in court, I’ve not been to court for a while now, and then I can write a book about it”

Anyway, in his capacity as Professor in International Financial Law George teaches a popular course in Banking Law. He gives his students an introductory reading list which includes titles by authors such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Naomi Klein. I spotted some of these titles on his bookshelf in his office and so asked for him to send me his list of books (.pdf), which he kindly did. 🙂

Considering it is an introductory reading list for a course in Banking Law there are a surprising and refreshing amount of relatively radical titles in the list. I was surprised however that none of my favourite money books were included.

So George, how about adding some (or all!) of these titles to your list?

[amtap book:isbn=1890132373]

You can download a pdf extract of this book here. See also author’s Beyond Money blog, his personal blog and website.

[amtap book:isbn=0712699910]

Read an interview with Bernard Lietaer in YES! Magazine’s Summer ’97 edition all about creating your own money. Also check out some key points from the book

[amtap book:isbn=1901970515]

A great little book with links to lots of further reading and info.

[amtap book:isbn=1853838950]

Another great book from David Boyle, associate at the new economics foundation

[amtap book:isbn=1897766408]

Grip of Death is the literal translation of Mortgage. Read the first chapter here

[amtap book:isbn=1870098811]

Read this book online here

[amtap book:isbn=1877333298]

Read a draft copy and critique of the book here and check out the author’s blog

[amtap book:isbn=0745317200]

A academic look at money from a marxist/ feminist perspective. Very well written.

[amtap book:isbn=0708317170]

Check out Glyn’s excellent website on the same topic.

[amtap book:isbn=1930748035]

See the American Monetary Institute’s website for more details

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