Links for June 17th to August 26th

These are my links for June 17th to August 26th:

  • Razoo is the platform for social good. – Razoo is a community united around making a positive difference in the world. Where passion leads to action, and a whole lot of collective good comes from individual contributions.
  • Welcome! | Global Action Network Net – GAN-Net is a growing community of GAN leaders, researchers, funders and other stakeholders who are committed to developing global action networks that serve the public good. Participants learn and work together to build the capacity of GANs to cultivate partnerships, steward initiatives, and achieve results. GAN-Net participants also collaborate to advance the collective influence of global networks to improve social, economic, and environmental outcomes worldwide.
  • Todo.txt – Task tracking for command line lovers – Countless software applications and web sites were built to manage your to do list. But if you're comfortable at the command line and you don't want to depend on someone else's data format or someone else's server, there's an age-old method that's perfect for tracking your stuff: plain text.
  • Remember The Milk: Online to do list and task management – This is a great tool. Has an offline version too (using Google Gears which thankfully is open source)
  • SopoApps – Solar Power Applications SopoApps 2008 sponsored by Sopogy is a skills contest to challenge the best engineers in the world to design pre-engineered solutions for thermal energy problems using MicroCSP solar concentrating technology.

    There is a $5,000 cash prize for the best design in each of our 10 key categories.

    Sopogy's goal is to "Create solar solutions that improve the quality of life for all human kind" and to "Bring order and simplicity to the chaos which is the current solar power business". These applications and our technology will help fight global warming, battle addiction to foreign imported oil and provide energy sustainability.

    All designs submitted to SopoApps 2008 will become open sourced available for public benefit.

  • plidesign – Pli is a London-based sustainable design hub. We design and produce furniture for homes, offices and public spaces.
  • Main Page –’s Wiki – The Mission of is to foster – through the creation and promotion of "commons" –
    the appearance of alternative P2P screening, development and funding platform
    for startups and small businesses' projects.
  • Request For Proposal Template | – Just reading this document will give ideas of the areas that need to be covered when a small organisation plans its new web site, but the structure is also designed to be used as the basis for a more formal document to engage developers in a tender proces
  • \ Justice for Colombia // – British government must reverse its support for the Uribe government and work with other European powers to help find a peaceful and just solution to Colombia's civil war
  • Free Home Plans and Free Green House Plans from – A site where you can great free designs for your very own eco home. Great idea 🙂