London Free School

A week long London FreeSchool event will be taking place between the 1st and 7th of September with workshops, discussions and skill-sharing. Themes will include Food, Creative Arts, Permaculture, Gender, Science and Languages. The event will be completely free and open to all people willing to respect the ideals of the free school and each other.

London FreeSchool aims to confront the hierarchy and inequality which dominates learning. It stems from a belief that the control and institutionalisation of education is wrong and as communities we need to reclaim knowledge in order to develop self reliance. The free in free school refers to the freedom of learning as well as learning outside of the monetary system. It directly challenges the elitism of the expert and ‘doctor knows best’ attitude understanding that we are all equal and can learn from one another.

In order to make this event a success we need help! We need teachers as well as students! If you are able to facilitate a workshop, discussion or skill-share then please drop us a line detailing what exactly you would like to do, how long it would take (e.g. one hour session or 3 sessions on different days), if there are any specific tools, equipment or materials needed and your availability between the 1st and 7th September. If you want to attend the classes, then come along, bring your firends, kids, toddlers, neighbors.


feel free to join the facebook group london free school and pass the info on…

thank you!