Links for September 5th to September 19th

These are my links for September 5th to September 19th:

  • P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » Exploring Resilience Communities with John Robb (1): definition – John Robb, master analyst of global guerilla warfare, is very pessimistic about the potential of the current global system to prevail. This means that he expects, like us, a strong trend towards relocalization. However, his vision is more radical since he expects a global breakdown. Hence, the need for a distributed network of resilient local communities, that can thrive amongst the chaos. However, it is not survivalism he is advocating, but local communities connected with global tinkering networks, supported by smart local and international network technology, and that are hyperproductive compared to the nation-state.
  • :: Installing Cinelerra on Ubuntu Studio – Cinelerra, one of the only serious video editing and compositing tools available for Linux, can cause frustration for users trying to install it on Ubuntu Studio. Fortunately, after several attempts, I found a way to install it easily.
  • SPIN-Farming – There's a new way to farm. It's called SPIN, and it is causing people to re-think not only how to farm, but what it means to be a farmer today.
  • Bristol Food Hub – Healthy Food for People and Planet – Bristol Food Hub is a small not-for-profit organisation working to improve the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet by motivating and empowering communities around healthy and sustainable food. We think food is amazing and has the power to enrich people’s lives by bringing communities together to discover how much fun growing, cooking and celebrating food is.
  • Green Plug – Universal Power Adapter – DC Power Converter & Charger – One World. One Plug. – Green Plug is the first developer of digital technology that enables real-time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources. The company develops and markets embeddable power supply technology to consumer electronics (CE) and power supply companies.