Links for September 30th to October 1st

These are my links for September 30th to October 1st:

  • A place to lay your laptop – Not everyone can be productive in a coffee shop. But road warriors take note: The growth of 'co-working' means many cities now offer places to buckle down – and maybe make connections, too. Jon Azpiri reports
  • The WSGI era is here « Carpet Python – This is probably obvious for the people that uses Repoze or Pylons, or early adopters in the Plone world, but from a Plone or a Zope developer perspective, you could live without it until now.

    Now WSGI is everywhere.

  • Microvision: Embedded Pico Projector Displays – PicoP is an ultra miniature projection module capable of producing full color, high-resolution images but small enough and low power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices such as cell phones, portable media players, digital cameras, portable computers and more.
  • ¦ NEUTOPIA ¦ Video and Multimedia Production UK-London-Ladbroke Grove – promo. Shame no one but me (virtually) has ever seen it! 😛
  • – Imagine:
    – a webTV channel that filters today’s most significant stories around the theme of sustainability, by using the movement’s own collective intelligence…
    – headlined by a regular video-magazine to bring the most important developments to the attention of funders, educators, businesses, students – any stakeholders in the ‘Movement for the Use of Sustainable Technologies’…
    – seeding an action research project to use web 2.0 and social networking to galvanise sustainable thinking, design and practice.