Links for October 5th to October 14th

These are my links for October 5th to October 14th:

  • Bail us out – So there’s a financial crisis and the US government just handed over $700 billion to the people who created the mess. And it hasn’t worked. You’re giving the money to the wrong people.These guys take home $300M, no wonder they’re not bothered. But the solution is here: Pay off the debts of everyone else.
  • Welcome to World Food Garden – World Food Garden is a place where enlightened people of the world are uniting to share, show and learn the benefits that come from growing one's own food, whether it be on a balcony, rooftop, terrace basket, or yard!
  • WordPress › Support » Directory and File permissions – Directories should have, at most, permissions of 755. If you have a directory that is 777 then that can be written to.

    Files should be, at most, 664.

  • Peer To Peer: Social, Political, And Economic Issues In A P2P World – A Video Interview With Michel Bauwens – Robin Good’s Latest News – Beyond file-sharing, peer-to-peer is an alternative way of looking at work, live and the way we make money. Although mainstream media coverage of P2P has mostly focused its spotlights on the on-going debate around file-sharing and pirated media (music, movies, games), the social, economic, and political consequences of peer-to-peer go well beyond that narrow focus.
  • Godfrey Wilson | consultants, chartered accountants, registered auditors – Godfrey Wilson is a firm of accountants specialising in charities and social enterprise.

    We do all the usual stuff – accounts, audits, payroll and tax – but we believe it’s the extras
    that make the difference. Like helping you prepare when you’ve got a VAT inspection or a gift aid audit;
    being on the end of the phone when your restricted funds don’t reconcile;
    helping you choose the right accounting system and making it work for you;
    and putting you in touch with like-minded organisations who are dealing with the same issues as you.

    In fact, we’ll help you in whatever way we can – just ask.

  • IntelliMag – Page turning Online Digital Catalogues and Brochures – IntelliMag™ provides your customers with a viewing experience similar to that of printed catalogues and brochures without any loss of quality.

    IntelliMag™ is 100% browser based and no extra software is required to view your catalogue or brochure.

    IntelliMag™ enhances your customers' online viewing experience and increases your catalogue or brochure circulation, which in return, saves on your print and postage costs.

  • Welcome to opencoin — opencoin – The OpenCoin project is about creating anonymous virtual tokens, by providing a set of standards (formats and protocols) and a GPLed reference implementation of these standards. Tokens can be used for different kind of purposes, including online payments and voucher systems.