Google 10 to the power 100

I just submitted my application to Google’s 10 to the power 100 project to identify projects which would impact on the greatest number of people (in the opinion of the web-oriented voters).

Your idea’s name (maximum 50 characters):
At last, local money support for the web!

Describe your idea in more depth. (maximum 300 words)
Money is very poorly understood; how it creates scarcity from surplus, how banks create money practically ex nihilo, by lending it, and how they then reap interest on all money in circulation. Money floats to the top of ‘society’ where elected and non-elected plutocrats arbitrate its allocation. Interest mechanisms lock the global economy into a consumption spiral, which only resource shortages will slow. This system draws the very producers into debt, drives the consumer society, and distorts and is distorted by government.