Links for October 28th to October 29th

These are my links for October 28th to October 29th:

  • bolo’bolo – Some nice pics from the book are here. Peinlich, aber wahr: gemäss bolo-Fahrplan von 1983 müssten wir schon längst alle in bolos leben. 40-Stundenwoche, Staatsgrenzen, Luftverschmutzung und AKWs sollten nur noch unangenehme Erinnerungen sein. Ich habe meine Wette gegen den Lauf der Dinge verloren und als Prophet jämmerlich versagt.
  • Bolo Bolo How it all began – Life on this planet isn’t as agreeable as it could be. Something obviously went wrong on spaceship Earth, but what? Maybe it was a fundamental mistake when nature (or whatever it was) came up with the idea "Man." Why should an animal walk on two feet and start thinking? It seems we haven’t got much of a choice about that, though; we’ve got to cope with this error of nature, with ourselves. Mistakes are made in order to learn from them.
  • وبگردی – bolo’bolo – Transcription of a video by O. Ressler, recorded in Zurich, Switzerland, 24 min., 2004 The original idea for creating this weird secret language came up because the European left-wing terminology was no longer viable. Nowadays when people talk about communism, that's gulag, no one wants to hear about it. Or if people talk about socialism, then they are speaking of Schröder's politics – retirement cuts – and no one wants that, either. And all of the other standard left-wing expressions such as "solidarity," "community," they're all contaminated and no longer useful. But the things that they stand for are actually quite good. I don't want to suffer because of terminology for which I am not to blame; instead, I'd rather create my own. It would probably take longer to explain that the communism that I am talking about is not the one that I saw. It is easier to simply say I am for bolo'bolo, and then everyone starts to think of the things all over again, to re-think them
  • CERI CLEMENTS, DIRECTOR FOR THE HUB, BRISTOL, TALKS SOCIAL BUSINESS – Transition Tradition – Magazine | Interview – The Hub is a shared office space, specifically set up to incubate and nurture the growing number of social businesses in Bristol. It provides a great space for its members that allows for innovation and creative thinking, as well as numerous networking opportunities with like-minded values-driven professionals. We have become quite a community since we opened our doors over a year ago, with 85 members all operating their businesses out of the same building.
  • The Hub: Another place for collaboration | NetSquared, an initiative of – The Hub at Kings Cross, in London, UK, is officially opening its doors today. Social innovators, entrepreneurs, collaborators, nonprofit organizations, and other social good types are already filling it up and taking advantage of the other Hub locations.