Zeitgeist: Addendum

After the first Zeitgeist Movie was released it was saddening how many people took at as the whole and complete truth without asking any further questions (particularly when the homepage of the films producer used to read “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth”).

The first part of the original movie made too much of the obvious fact that most monotheistic religions share lots of similar threads, building on what came before.

Sure, many religious institutions have become dogmatic conservative bodies and some extremists perpetuate divides. But the fact is that, being part of a church group or similar is one of the most statistically likely thing to increase reported quality of life (best explained by the human desire and need to belong and experience community, I guess)

The second bit of the film was all about 911 being an inside job. There is certainly arguably more evidence for that than there is for the official story, but there are many better documented examples of false flag terrorism and of US (and UK) governments violently overthrowing democracies to instill dictators. So I don’t like how much emphasis people place on 911.

Two examples that come to mind are the Iran coup 1953 and in Chile on September 11th 1973

This sort of stuff has been normal practice for a long time so I don’t like how much emphasis people place on 911.

Anyway, I thought the beginning of third part of Zeitgeist – The Movie about the Federal Reserve was well done, and the bulk of this second film follows on from this: