Links for November 11th to November 13th

These are my links for November 11th to November 13th:

  • The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia – Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom were brought to an unceremonious close today.
  • The Yes Men – Impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them. Targets are leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else.
  • Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress · Dagon Design – This is the WordPress plugin version of my secure PHP form mailer script. This plugin has a wide range of features including: Support for multiple instances, an easy to use dynamic form generation system (any number of fields, in any order), multiple recipients, multiple file attachments, optional auto reply feature, an image verification system, numerous security features (including protection against email header injection), a message template system, multiple languages, and too many other things to list. This plugin was designed to be easy to use, while still being extremely flexible. If you just want a simple contact form, you can set one up with just a few clicks. For those of you who need something a bit more advanced, you can completely customize the plugin to fit your needs – whether it is 5 fields or 500. A non-WordPress version is also available. ReCaptcha support has also been added, as well as support for storing the data in a delimited file.
  • Australian Social Forum » Media Cooperative Pilot Project – From November 2008-January 2009 a Media Cooperative Pilot Project will be run by Nicholas Roberts and Cameron using the Octapod Association as a base to develop the self-sustaining Media Cooperative. The main 5 sub-projects will be
  • Social Media Classroom – Welcome to the Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory. It’s all free, as in both “freedom of speech” and “almost totally free beer.” We invite you to build on what we’ve started to create more free value. The Social Media Classroom (we’ll call it SMC) includes a free and open-source (Drupal-based) web service that provides teachers and learners with an integrated set of social media that each course can use for its own purposes—integrated forum, blog, comment, wiki, chat, social bookmarking, RSS, microblogging, widgets , and video commenting are the first set of tools.
  • CMS Summary – techmeet – A lot of work has been done over the past year researching candidates for a new Indymedia CMS. The purpose of this summary is to provide a snapshot of all the work that has been done researching and analyzing existing Content Management Systems. The goal of that project has been to find one that fulfills our requirements document. In addition, the intent is the collate all the information about the CMS project onto one page for convenience. At the end is an attempt to break down all the data and show where we are.