Topshop Swap Shop

We’ve got Swaporamarama and Swishing and now, the Topshop Swap Shop…

Topshop Swap Shop
Topshop Swap Shop

Just in from the inimitable Space Hijackers: Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to announce the restyling fashion mash-up event of the year! In the light of the current economic crisis and the outrage over the sweatshop conditions that most high street brands make their clothes in, the swapshop is your chance to re-vamp your wardrobe with a free conscience! Leaping away from the drudgery of big corporate fashion with it’s dodgy business practices and spend spend spend attitude, the Topshop Swapshop takes fashion back to its roots.

Simply turn up at TOPSHOP on Oxford Street wearing an outfit you wish to upgrade, then on the stroke of 2, marvel as hundreds of fashion moguls offer to trade your clothes with you.

Fancy that girls jumper? Why not offer to swap your belt for it? That boy’s hat is to die for, how about a trade for your jeans? Nice skirt, fancy trading my t-shirt for it?

After a hectic re-working of your look you can then walk proudly back onto the streets of London town with a new wardrobe and not having spent a single penny.

You can buy lots of clothes but you can’t buy style.


The above event is in no way supported or condoned by TopShop. Any similarity to any brand living or dead is merely coincidental.

2pm sharp on Sat 29th November – Topshop Oxford Street.