Links for December 9th to January 8th

These are my links for December 9th to January 8th:

  • – Collaborative mind mapping in your browser – is a browser based online mind mapping application. With installing mindmapping tools is no longer needed – for a hassle-free mindmapping experience. Just open the browser and launch the application when needed.
  • Chronology of Money Timeline – What lessons does monetary history offer that are relevant to today's economic, political and social problems?
  • Chelsea Green » Blog Archive » As Money Goes, So Goes the Soil (Part 2 of 3) – The following is an excerpt from Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered, by Woody Tasch. It has been adapted for the web. This is part 2 of a series of 3.
  • New Recipe Version for GetPaid Released — GetPaid for Plone – You can get the new version on pypi: (see this link for readme on using the recipe to make it easy to add ecommerce to your Plone site).
  • Vela Creations – HOME – Vela Creations is a documentation of our experiences and projects living off the grid. We are a young couple striving to fulfill our lifestyles through sustainable means. Our hope is that our experiences will serve as guidence to those interested in the technologies and methods illustrated on this site.
  • betterplace: Marketplace for social projects – 100% of your donations are forwarded. – betterplace connects.
    People in need of support, meet others who want to help. One to one. Worldwide.
  • Changing the World (and other excuses for not getting a proper job…): Back (and looking forwards) – I spent a fascinating evening hanging out with Josef Davies-Coates, a one-man serendipity machine and digital Johnny Appleseed (planting world-changing videos and PDFs from his portable hard drive)
  • Temporary School Of Thought – 5-11th January 2009 a space where people come together to share knowledge, non-descript skills, tactical imagination, creationism, passive action. a week long event of mutual learning, leftwing bias, free lectures, inert radicalism, workshops, discussion and film screenings. 39A Clarges Mews, Mayfair if you would like to get involved, host a workshop, show a film, do a talk or throw a brick, get in contact by ringing the house phone 07532072087 persons_unknown [at]
  • Petition to: Scrap the unnecessary and draconian usage of the 696 Form from London music events. | – The 696 Form compels licensees who wish to hold live music events in 21 London Boroughs to report to the police the names, addresses, aliases and telephone numbers of performers, and most worryingly, the likely ethnicity of their audience. Failure to comply could result in fines or imprisonment. We believe this places unnecessary and frankly Orwellian powers in the hands of the Metropolitan Police, an institution which does not have the best record of racial fairness. The 696 form can only serve to deter the staging of live musical events – a positive form of activity in London and all cities – stifle free expression and quite possible penalise certain genres of music and ethnic audiences. It is an intrusion too far.
  • Dynamic Cities Project – Home – Welcome to the Dynamic Cities Project, a non-profit organization creating energy transition strategies as a proactive response to peak oil and climate change.