Links for January 21st to January 24th

These are my links for January 21st to January 24th:

  • Kids First Trust – Kids First Trust, formerly Woolworths Kids First, aims to change children's' lives through play. Since the cessation of the Woolworths business Kids First is now actively seeking new corporate funders to enable us to continue our work aiming to enhance children's lives through play.
  • GLOBAL NETWORK FOR GROWTH OBJECTION – Lots of people are beginning to realise that economic growth is not always good. About time too!
  • Private firm may track all email and calls | UK news | The Guardian – The private sector will be asked to manage and run a communications database that will keep track of everyone's calls, emails, texts and internet use under a key option contained in a consultation paper to be published next month by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary.
  • Community Engine – CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. Drop it into your new or existing application, and you’ll instantly have all the features of a basic community site.
  • GISS (IS NOT) TV – G.I.S.S GLOBAL INDEPENDENT STREAMING SUPPORT free streaming services for free media.
    free as in cost, free as in software.