Links for February 10th

These are my links for February 10th:

  • Picklebytes » Blog Archive » Redesign of zope.publisher – # The IPublication interface and all its implementations should die, to be replaced with a WSGI pipeline. This should make the publication process dramatically easier to understand and customize.
    # Request and response objects should just hold information; they should have no interesting behavior such as traverse().
    # We should create and use two new keys in the WSGI environment, “zope.request” and “zope.response”. These will implement at least IRequest and IResponse, respectively. (”transaction” and “zope.interaction” are also possibilities.)
    # The WSGI-compatible pipeline should be capable of doing everything currently does. We should use Repoze packages in that pipeline where possible.
  • Ozore Age – Paris-based label Ozore Age and its offshoots Electro Lab Factory, Xunk and E-beat have become a reference for the French electronic music scene.
  • Mp3 Store | Urban City Stores | Urban City Station | Mp3’s | Mp3 Downloads | Apparel | Pro Audio | Dj Gear | Music Gear – A newly created Ecommerce store offering Mp3 downloads using Ubercart Cart 1.6 and Drupal 5xxx. We also offer differnet styles of major brand apparel, Pro Audio, Dj Gear, and Music Equipment thru Associates.
  • | Next gen music store – is an exclusively online next-generation music store specialising in experimental electronic music. Our revolutionary subscription service provides you with access to all of Polybonk's DRM-free music.
  • Bloodshot Records – Bloodshot Records is a Chicago-based record company which publishes 'the music that lurks between genres. We've always been drawn to the good stuff nestled in the dark, nebulous cracks where punk, country, soul, pop, bluegrass, blues and rock mix and mingle and mutate.'