Links for February 22nd to February 23rd

These are my links for February 22nd to February 23rd:

  • Transparency – Getting Around – A nice graphic showing how much energy is needed for various different modes of transport. Cycling comes out best.
  • Free Wifi in London…Mapped – Londonist: London News, Food, Arts & Events – Does what it says on the tin, i.e. maps free wifi locations in London 🙂
  • How we can fix the Plone skin situation – To summarize our overall conclusion… I’ve heard a number of people say “skin layers should die.” But this is a bit shortsighted, and probably reflects more the fact that people are tired of having two different ways to do this stuff, and that Zope 3 views and resources are a newer technology, rather than any clear superiority in functionality of the Zope 3 approaches over the alternative. So instead of ditching portal_skins, we should try to modernize it and make it compatible with the Zope 3 approaches.
  • MIT Group Increases Global Warming Projections – Capital Weather Gang – New research from MIT scientists shows that in the absence of stringent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, 21st century climate change may be far more significant than some previous climate assessments had indicated.
  • Reuters AlertNet – How mobile phone banking is empowering the poor – Two years ago, a new phenomenon hit Kenya that allows money to be transferred between people using text messaging called M-PESA (pesa means money in Swahili). This system, known as "branchless banking", lets people set up remote bank accounts that are accessed through their mobile phone or other technology.
  • The Groundswell Blog – Dedicated to critical cultural production at the intersection of art and activism. We cover artists from around the globe whose work explores and realizes social change. Our goal is to provide a narrative about these activist efforts while simultaneously participating in them. Maintained by The Groundswell Collective since 2007.
  • Ben Emerson (book design) – This page has links to a complete versions of some great books! 😉
  • Ragmanslane Farm – produces shiitake and oyster mushroom logs, apple juice and teaches permaculture – Where I'm doing my Sustainable Land Use course 🙂 "Ragmans Lane is a sixty acre farm in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. The farm uses permaculture as a guiding design principle and is primarily about educating and employing people to work the land sustainably, giving them the opportunity to 'learn on the job', as well as producing shiitake and oyster mushroom logs and delicious apple juice."