Links for March 7th to March 7th

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  • Cae Mabon – The Cae Mabon Retreat Centre has been evolving since 1989. It is set in natural woodland by a rushing river, near a deep lake, at the foot of high mountains and almost within sight of the sea. A family of beautiful, natural, earthy structures provide appealing spaces for groups to meet, retreat, work and play. People have looked all over Britain for something similar but in vain.
  • Seawater greenhouse project could turn deserts into fertile land for food and water | Environment | – The planned project would use solar power to evaporate salt water, generating cool air and pure water thereby allowing food to be grown
  • Facebook turns to Twitter with redesign of homepages – Times Online – Facebook has unveiled a redesign to the homepages of its 175 million users in an attempt to make the service more up-to-the-minute and to provide a platform for companies and brands. The new homepage, which will be dominated by a "stream" of updates which can be filtered and organised by the user, will go live from March 11. The stream service is akin to that of micro-blogging site Twitter which Facebook tried to buy with $500 million of stock last year.
  • Beebhack – This site describes how to re-purpose BBC online content. To utilise material already paid for by the licence payers in a manner that suits the end user, regardless of which platform they are using.
  • Base Eco Arts Collective – We are using our passion for nature, diversity and creative expression, together with our skills, that include working with the land, others and our own self development, to empower and enable the emergence of an environment of love, respect, co-operation and peace. We plan to achieve this by designing and building a low impact community arts village. Where people come to learn practical skills for sustainability alongside a diversity of creative visual and performance arts and crafts. All are welcome and we aim to attract a variety of different youth groups and organisations as well as individuals from around the world.