Links for March 11th to March 14th

These are my links for March 11th to March 14th:

  • The Oil Drum: Campfire | Food-backed Local Money – If the financial system is at a risk of collapse, and if so many of our basic goods depend on the financial system, then what, if anything can we do to be more resilient to economic shocks? Below the fold is a description of a project I am working on that may provide some answers.
  • Lovd By Less — Open Source Social Network — Who loves you, baby? – Open Source Social Network. New social networks launch everyday, most start with the same basic features. Bloggers have wordpress, mephisto and other open source solutions. Lovd offers a free open source social network platform.

    Built with Ruby on Rails, Lovd is a social networking solution that has everything you need to build your community.

  • Find and Advertise Desk Space to Rent – Desk Space Genie – Find desk space to rent in the UK
  • first steps with dolmen — – Dolmen is a product to make life with zope3/grok easy and fun. A bit like playing lego. My first steps into it are, of course, about building a wiki.
  • Accelerate your team with online workspaces | Assembla – If you make software, or manage any kind of distributed team, Assembla will make your teams faster and more unified. We studied distributed, agile teams. We built Assembla to meet their needs, and refined the tools in our own intense projects.
  • CLOAAT – Centre for Learning Organic Agriculture and Appropriate Technology – CLOAAT is located in a beautiful valley close to Kodaikanal in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. The climate at 3,800 ft altitude is pleasant and cool all year round. The campus is over 100 acres and includes an Organic Permaculture Farm, having coffee, pepper, bananas, seasonal fruits, exotic vegetables and a dairy, all organically and Biodynamically produced. The food is vegetarian and most of it comes fresh from the farm. The natural surroundings and finely-designed buildings provide a quiet and ideal atmosphere for study and reflection. The student to faculty ratio is never more than 7:1 because we consider each student as our personal responsibility to help him or her to grow and mature as a thoughtful and sensitive human being. Hence yearly colateral reports are sent to the parents or sponsors. The hostel facilities are comfortable, clean and uncrowded and each has a maximum capacity of 16.