Links for March 14th to March 23rd

These are my links for March 14th to March 23rd:

  • Defra, UK – News – News releases 2009 – Third sector taskforce on climate change and environment launched – A new taskforce launched today will help the government and the not-for-profit sector to tackle climate change and environmental issues. The group will be jointly chaired by Defra, Department of Energy and Climate Change and Cabinet Office ministers and third sector representatives and aims to identify specific actions that Government and the third sector can take together to tackle climate change, environmental problems and sustainable development more broadly. The Department for Communities and Local Government will also be represented on the taskforce. Third sector co-chairs will be nominated at the first meeting.
  • Category:Fiction – P2P Foundation – We're starting (August 2006), a new section for (science) fiction books, which shed light on P2P themes. Recommendations are more than welcome.
  • Featured Videos | dotSUB – Welcome to dotSUB. See thousands of videos translated everyday here. To translate a video, Click Here to join and enter the world of Any Video Any Language.
  • Insoshi Portal – Insoshi is a product and a project. The product aims to be the best open-source social networking platform. The project is to make the product! Since Insoshi is open source, you can download the code from our GitHub repository and make your own social network. If you'd like to kick the tires of the Insoshi application, check out the Insoshi demo site. Then stay in touch by joining the Insoshi developer site—which is powered by Insoshi!
  • | – Provides Drupal integration with the web service to make sharing posts on other social networks easy. supports posting to: Bebo, Blogger, Brightkite, Custom URL (Drupal), Facebook, FriendFeed, hi5,, Jaiku, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Mashable, MySpace, Plaxo Pulse, Plurk, Pownce, Rejaw, Tumblr, Twitter,, Xanga.