Video Blogging

I’m no expert really (note lack of videos by me on this site!), but I am quite a good researcher and this post should serve as a decent sign-posting intro to good video blogging tips and tools 🙂

This is the best all round guide I know of:

Another useful resource is:

Some free software projects worth investigating: (plone) (plone) (drupal) (wordpress)

Networks to get involved with/ places to find people to help:

Places to upload your videos:
(those are the two most film maker people I know use)
(one of them lets you automatically add them to
which is a good idea)
(and, of course, you should upload to youtube too – where the biggest
audience is) is cool because it always people to send video to the web straight from their phones does a similar thing to qik but is on your computer and lets people interview
themselves which is pretty nifty.

My two favourite online video shows:

A cross of those shows would be absolutely fantastic (i.e. the postive
content of Peak Moment in the edgy and funny style of SubMedia)

And my friend Vinay’s take on How Not To Do Video:

See also these docs:

And perhaps check out these books:

[amtap book:isbn=0745317707]
[amtap book:isbn=0470037881]
[amtap book:isbn=0745324126]
[amtap book:isbn=0240808312]
[amtap book:isbn=0240810295]
[amtap book:isbn=0321429176]
[amtap book:isbn=0471971774]
[amtap book:isbn=0240809351]

What have I missed?

PS thanks to Viv Gooding (who ran the build of Ben Law‘s house, incidentally) for asking me about this stuff whilst I was at Embercombe (the text above is basically an e-mail I sent him), and to tav too (his recent post on becoming a film maker prompted me to whack this info up here 🙂 )