Links for March 24th to March 24th

These are my links for %date%:

  • ECO tube – What’s your view – Aims to be a green youtube
  • Ecomotion – Less of the virtual and more of the reality, Ecomotion is a green social networking site with a difference. We create the tools online, you create the action offline.
  • Radical Routes – Practical Economics Conference & Workshops – How can we protect our remaining social and ecological resources from the convulsions of capitalism? ev
  • Development Trust Association | Events | Stepping Up: Strategies for resilient communities in a time of economic downturn – The economic downturn will have far reaching impacts in every part of the country. If we fail to respond effectively, our communities will become fragmented and demoralised, with negative consequences for all of us. This national symposium will investigate how community groups, local authorities, and their public sector and private sector partners can “step up” in this time of adversity.
  • Video for Drupal Multimedia Panel at DrupalCon | Aaron Winborn – "Here's the video for the Drupal Multimedia panel at DrupalCon. Presenting were Arthur Foelsche, Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, and myself. By the way, the dev version of Embedded Media Field now supports Hopefully the Drupalcon site will install the module so we can see all the videos directly from that site; even if not, I'm sure it won't be long before someone takes advantage of it and posts a DrupalCon wall of Video…"