Links for March 28th to April 10th

These are my links for March 28th to April 10th:

  • Community Shares | – Community owned enterprises will benefit from an exciting new government-backed initiative which aims to stimulate investment through community share and bond issues. Community investment is different. Instead of turning to the private sector and wealthy individuals for support, community investment is about engaging communities to invest in themselves. By harnessing the collective investment powers of whole communities, large amounts of capital can be raised in small sums from members of the community. Be it a small village shop or large scale housing development, a community recycling project or major renewable energy scheme, they all have one thing in common – actively committed and motivated members who recognise the wider benefits of communities investing and engaging in their own solutions.
  • Welcome To TINYTECH Plants – The company working for promoting tiny enterprises in various industrial fields, through human technology for rural development, local self reliance, poverty eradication, exploitation removal, employment and income generation.
  • Transition Sweden – Svenska byar och städer ställer om – The Transition networing in Sweden.
  • Ecology Begins at Home— Using the Power of Choice – A concise and powerful beginner’s guide to low impact living for all ages. Engages readers, gives hope, inspires to action. 128 pages of positive, practical guidance for making the world a better place, one step at a time. Available for free download and in paperback. Archie Duncanson, Green Books UK 2008.
  • Open Direct Democracy – Welcome to Open Direct Democracy. This early development project that automatically fetches legal document from Althingi, the Icelandic Parliament and gives citizens features to interact with the legal process, like voting, commenting and changing. All content is in Icelandic. Feel free to fork the source code and build one for your own direct democracy.