Links for April 29th to May 3rd

These are my links for April 29th to May 3rd:

  • » Twitter, the Most Important Website Since Google? – "When I first started using it I saw it as a networking and communication tool. The more I come to use it and the more I watch people from all walks of life using it I am starting to see why Twitter may possibly be the most important website since Google. To help you understand my logic I want to start with some thoughts on Google."
  • Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: Twitter for Nonprofits: Waste of Time or Potentially Useful? – That's a screencast (with time speed increased) of what is I think — is a twitter group coming from SXSW Festival, a major new media/emerging technology event happening in Austin, TX. Twitter is a "Multi-Person SMS System" that lets you follow your friends via the web, IM, or cell phone and you broadcast what are you doing now an? While there are some good reasons why you wouldn't want to use this tool, seems there's a lot of twitter experimentation going on.
  • Explaining Twitter in one page… : Tim’s Blog – What it says on the tin.
  • 1%CLUB – GIVE 1% POVERTY AND HELP TO SOLVE – GIVE 1% POVERTY AND HELP TO SOLVE. If all 1% of his / her time, expertise or money commitment, we can solve structural poverty. WHO SAYS THAT? The 1% Club: an initiative that poverty in an innovative way to address. HOW DOES THE 1% CLUB? The 1% Club is an online marketplace for small-scale development projects, where individuals and companies 1% of their income, time and knowledge can contribute directly to a project of your choice.
  • One Percent Club – Since 1997, the One Percent Club has grown from a handful of people with a passion for giving, to a large and very diverse organization of 1,000 members – and growing – who have pledged to give back to the communities and organizations they are passionate about. Our one percent benchmark for giving is a personal promise – based on the honor system – you make to yourself and the organization. We've found that by making this pledge, almost half of our members have actually increased their charitible giving after joining the One Percent Club – contributing over $100 million per year to the charities of their choice.
  • Power of Us | Foundation – Power of Us Partner Initiative. The Foundation has greatly increased its platform by inviting's corporate partners to participate in its nonprofit efforts. By joining the 1% model and contributing a portion of their strength, partners can effectively contribute to the communities in which we live. The Salesforce partners program is designed so that a participant must be a registered partner in the Partner Program and must provide 2 of the following:
    * 1 % Equity (It is far easier to move stock into a foundation at an earlier stage.)
    * 1 % Product (in donated or discounted products and services for nonprofit organizations receiving license donations from foundation OR through the development of functionality that is uniquely relevant to the nonprofit sector.)
    * 1 % Time (in volunteer hours)