Links for May 14th to June 8th

These are my links for May 14th to June 8th:

  • warehouse – The beinghuman warehouse in Frome, Somerset is a hub for creative, ethical & enterprising innovators. A 500 sq m space situated in the conservation area of town where beinghuman members can get away from home work, meet, connect and collaborate. The space is cool, contemporary, relaxed & inspirational. The strong, ethical warehouse design is in line with beinghuman’s sustainable ethos, with sheep wool insulation, recycled newspaper soundproofing, carbon neutral heating, power from renewable sources, wood burning stove & a garden incorporating an outdoor gallery space exhibiting the best in digital art.
  • desksurfer – rent desks by the hour in london – DeskSurfer is for freelancers or busy people in need of a temporary office for an hour or two. Imagine having a meeting in London’s Soho area, it ends at 2pm, you want to stick around for a couple of hours as you have a meeting in Kings Cross but don’t have anywhere quiet to work. Then log onto DeskSurfer, find offices near you and rent a desk for an hour or two. Turn up. Work. Leave. It’s as simple as that. You might even make new friends/colleagues.
  • crowdfunding / FrontPage – Crowdfunding can replace the need for specialized grant applications or other more formal and traditional fundraising techniques with that of a more casual, yet powerful, approach based on crowd participation. Examples of the basis of Crowdfunding can be seen in Cooperatives (co-ops) around the world. However, the Internet can provide new streamlined approaches to quickly imitating the co-op model for low-level and/or sudden needs (ie. disaster relief, travel expenses, legal fees and so on.). It is this reason that a term be used to encompass the act of informally generating and distributing funds, usually online, by groups of people for specific social, personal, entertainment or other purposes.
  • IndieGoGo: Where Independent Happens – Welcome to IndieGoGo – the social marketplace where filmmakers and fans connect to make independent film happen. Filmmakers can raise money and awareness, find cast and crew, and gain credibility through the help of their number one resource, the fans. Fans get the opportunity to discover and impact the films of tomorrow, while getting insider access and VIP perks for their contributions. Check out How it Works for more.
  • welcome to The | The – The Co-operative is a unique family of businesses owned by our members and led by our principles. From community projects to a share of the profits, renewable energy to Fairtrade products we believe that when the benefits are passed around, it's good for everyone. Our online TV channel gives you the chance to see our community projects come to life and learn more about our values and principles. Visit for more about The Co-operative.