Links for July 6th to July 6th

These are my links for %date%:

  • JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit – Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web – The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit provides tools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web.
  • – share video and audio on politics… – is a video and audio sharing website that distributes media from independent media outlets and activists on real subjects like politics, society and the environment. is a non-profit website, therefore it only serves the interests of the community. Towards this goal, we need and greatly appreciate your help. You can help us in the following ways:
    * Use the website by watching, listening and uploading media.
    * Give us your feedback.
    * Websites are successful when many people visit and use them; please promote by telling others about it.
    * Help us generate funding for the operation and development of the website.
  • Online Mind Mapping – MindMeister – Collaborative online mind mapping
  • Endossa – Shop | saopaulo.unlike – Endossa (“Endorse”) is a collaborative shop, a place where anyone can sell merchandise. It contains countless little cubes of shelving: any hopeful entrepreneur can rent a cubby-hole to display his or her wares. The rentals are maintained by consumer endorsement, so whether a designer is kept on or jettisoned depends on the strength of their sales figures. That way it is, in a sense, the customers who chose which goods the shop stocks. Endossa has certainly created an interesting space and an innovative way of doing business, but mostly it is its diverse—sometimes almost slightly mad—range of products that really thrills most visitors. And this quirky selection is accessible to all kinds of pockets: happily, Endossa’s prices are as charming as its ambience.
  • Space Makers Network – Creating collaborative spaces for work and play – In March 2009, a group of us met at the offices of UnLtd (the foundation for social entrepreneurs) to talk about "alternative third spaces". This was followed by a meeting at The Hub Islington, one of London's best known co-working spaces. Besides continuing to meet face-to-face, we agreed to create an online network for people interested in this area. In his invitation to the first meeting, Vinay Gupta defined alternative third spaces as "facilities which are neither office nor cafe nor workshop, but have elements of all three and more". This includes co-working spaces, hack labs, arts spaces, social centres, community cafes and similar uses of space. There has been growing interest in these in recent years – while national and local government is increasingly recognising the role they can play in responding to the current recession. So this network is for anyone interested in starting such projects, or already involved with them. Hopefully it will give us a space to discuss ideas, fu