Links for July 7th to July 14th

These are my links for July 7th to July 14th:

  • Mobilizing the Green Revolution | 3rd Whale – It's easy to be green on the go with 3rdWhale's new mobile application. Find green spas, restaurants, bike rental stores and much more when you need the info the most-when you're on the move.
  • In case the only way is up – University of Liverpool – Oil price rises are having a discernible effect on transportation and energy costs, but they are also having an impact on many other aspects of business operations. Oil prices may fall back, as they have in the past, or they may rise inexorably. Businesses need to reduce their ‘oil vulnerability’. The University of Liverpool Management School recently developed a methodology and a set of tools to help them do this.
  • 12 Essential WordPress Plugins And Why They’re Useful | The Roxor | Design blog for resources and inspiration – There are tons of WordPress plugins out there. Some of them can be really helpful, while others are just a waste of disk space. Let’s take a look at 12 really useful WordPress plugins and why you should use them.
  • Welcome | – Evolver is a new social network for conscious collaboration. It provides a platform for individuals, communities, and organizations to discover and share the new tools, initiatives, and ideas that will improve our lives and change the world. The evolution will be actualized. Why Because we are the ones we've been waiting for. Because it's our world to change. Because the universe is deeply mysterious, displays an extraordinary sense of humor, and has a great dance beat. Maybe you don’t like social networks. Maybe you use too many already. Maybe you are sick of being IM’d and pinged, poked and stroked, prodded and friendstered. Evolver is different.
  • – borada is an independent London-based organisation that aims to broaden the UK public's understanding of issues such as development, culture, human rights, and social and environmental justice in Latin America. To achieve its aim Alborada hosts and promotes films and documentaries, and organises and supports talks on these issues around the UK.
  • Yugma, Free Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Web Collaboration Service, Free Desktop Sharing, video conferencing, remote control software, net meeting, mac conferencing. – Yugma free web conferencing allows anyone, anywhere to instantly share their desktop and ideas online with others.
  • Homepage | Social by Social – New technologies are changing the way we engage communities, run companies, deliver public services, participate in government and campaign for change. These new technologies are available to all of us. And they offer us an amazing opportunity to change our world.