Collaboration for large groups

There is a dialogue taking place over on Transition Culture, about how Transition hubs relate to the UK network which started this whole Transition idea. If an opportunity arose, to rewrite this MoU collaboratively, we would need a tool which can manage the input from a large number of authors.

Check out this video introduction to a tool called Mixed Ink. I have been facilitating online groups for a few years and watching the tools evolve very rapidly. To date. this is the best I have found for large scale collaboration.

From the video:

It’s great that many people can express themselves online, but too many of us are speaking at one time. All the people trying to get heard just cant break through the noise. And those trying to hear us cant understand what we are saying. With Mixed Ink groups can speak with a single voice.

Contribute your ideas, mix & match others’ ideas, or simply rate as you read.