Local Currency Council’s First Interactive Online Conference.

Local Currency Council’s First Interactive Online Conference.
Participants will be joining us through web cam feeds & phone/Skype access. You can call in and speak with our presenters, join the discussion, and contribute using the live chat. If you’d like to present or have topics you’d like to see covered please contact us.

We are scheduling guests who will be presenting on a variety of topics, and joining in various group discussions. Our first participants come from the UK, Toronto Canada, and Washington DC, as well as from our home base in Eugene, Oregon, making this an international conference. You are welcome to contact us in regards to scheduling a presentation, or to provide any relevant materials including videos, graphics, example currency designs, and anything else you feel appropriate. If you need help with setting up your web cam and microphone we will be posting information here and running several tests before the broadcast. We will be listing topics and speakers here, so please check back, or sign our mailing list to receive updates.

The Local Currency Council serves as an advocacy group dedicated to preserving the fundamentals rights of self-governing local-economic systems. We provide a communication platform for developers and supporters of local currency systems.

Local currencies help to ensure a community’s survival economically and socially. Often created in the face of financial crisis, these currencies have served as a lifeline to their communities. In our current global financial climate, success of a local currency system may mean the difference between strife and survival.

Exchange is one of mankind’s most basic and demonstrated rights. LCC believes local currencies are an established basic right and basic need, preceding state, federal, and global controls. In a balanced scenario your local currency would interact with national and global currencies, but also stand on it’s own, weathering the changing conditions outside it’s local sphere. The LCC has been established as a private member association, a peer-to-peer private-contract forum.

To further the communication, cooperation, and fellowship of the various currencies, the LCC has been formed to assist in bringing these community voices into a common platform from which we can stand strong and help other communities, as well as our own, to further embrace and flourish in their own self-worth and commerce.

Please join us and let your voice be heard.

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